Top Reasons to Move to Caloundra in the…

Solarglaze | November 28, 2019 | 0

When it comes to investing in residential properties in Australia, the houses for sale Caloundra Sunshine Coast offers is an attractive option for many homebuyers. This comes as no surprise as the “Sunny Coast” is known across the country, and even around the world, as a region with several of the top beaches and natural wonders worldwide.

Its coastal hubs were originally favorite holiday destinations for many Australians. But today, some are lucky enough to live here permanently.

One of the most popular towns on the Sunshine Coast is Caloundra. Here are the top reasons why many people decide to move here.

The Place

When you ask potential homebuyers why they are hunting for houses for sale Caloundra Sunshine Coast properties, it won’t be surprising to hear a lot of them say it’s because of the place.

The beaches in Caloundra definitely define this town and are a major attraction for property buyers. It also helps that the stunning coastline is complemented by amazing views and close proximity to the hinterlands and the Glasshouse Mountains.

The Lifestyle

Even if Caloundra has a very laid-back personality, it actually has a thriving restaurant and café scene. Many residents enjoy dining out for all of their meals because there are so many good places to eat. They get to treat themselves to classic recipes, modern cuisine, and the freshest ingredients. Australian, Indian, Italian, Japanese, and Thai are just some of the options.

With sunny weather for most of the year and such inviting natural surroundings, it’s no surprise that many residents in Caloundra spend most of their time outside. Buying smaller unit blocks for sale Sunshine Coast offers isn’t an issue since the outdoors serves as an extension of their living space.

There are outdoor markets on Sundays, selling fresh produce, arts and crafts, flowers, and clothing among other goods. Weekends are also the time for family picnics and socializing at the parks and other gathering spots outside.

As for activities, you could never run out of things to do in Caloundra. The beaches, hinterlands, and commercial establishments always have something good to offer.

The Transportation

Don’t have a car? That won’t be much of a problem when you move into one of the houses for sale Caloundra Sunshine Coast offers these days. There are local buses and trains. Most shops, offices, clinics, etc. are usually within walking distance that many residents prefer to walk.

The Homes

With such beautiful beaches, it’s not surprising that many homebuyers wish to purchase apartments or townhouses for sale Caloundra offers with beach frontage and modern facilities. But the houses and units which are a few blocks farther from the shore also offer their own charm. Many areas give off a nostalgic feel with the beautiful old-style homes and tree-lined wide streets.

The Tourism

Caloundra receives the most number of day-trippers on the whole Sunshine Coast. It also welcomes a throng of visitors on weekends, school holidays, and during its popular festivals (the Caloundra Music Festival and the Ignite Caloundra Chilli Festival).

With a healthy tourism sector, many people purchase holiday homes which the owners rent out to travelers when they’re not in town. Holiday accommodation is in good demand, and local properties like the Joanne Apartments Caloundra for sale units attract many investors.

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