Is gate automation something you can DIY for…

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Automating your gate is a good idea for many good reasons. For starters, gate automation increases your home’s security and safety since you control who can go in and out of your property. It also gives you the convenience of not needing to get out of your car when you have to open your gate. On top of that, an automated gate also helps increase your property’s value.

gate automation

With all of these benefits, you will definitely want to have an automated gate as soon as possible. The question now is with the high cost that is sometimes associated with having your gate automated, is there any way for you to DIY such a thing? Can you install a gate automation system by yourself on your own gate?

How to automate your gate on your own

For those who want a gate that opens and closes automatically at the flick of a switch but doesn’t want to spend lots of money on the installation, there is good news. You can actually DIY the automation of your gate with the help of gate kits that you can install yourself. Yes, you can buy cheap gate automation kits from suppliers who provide you with the hardware and the instructions for such a project.

When you decide to install electric gate openers for your home’s gates, you need to do these things first.

  • Aside from finding a reliable supplier from whom you can buy electric gate opener kits, you will need to have the equipment and tools such as pliers, wire cutters, soldering iron, screw drivers and more. Additionally, you also need to have at least a working knowledge of wiring, some handyman skills, and the patience to do this yourself.
  • Before you buy any kit, you should know what type is best for your gate. Are double swing gate kits ideal for your gate or should you get a single swing kit instead? Should you choose an underground kit for your gate or is an above-ground system better for you? Finding the right kit for your gate can be confusing so you need to do your research before you purchase a kit for your gate.
  • You should determine whether or not the kit you are choosing for your gate is easy enough for you to install. Some kits are not as easy to DIY as others, so it might be a good idea to read instructions for installation first before actually buying the kit. Gate kits that are generally easier for DIY projects are those that are installed above ground, so you should find what you need from products that belong to this category.

Have an expert install it for you

If you find that your DIY gate automation project is not as easy as you thought it would be, you should consider contacting an installer. You’d prefer that over messing up the kit that you just bought, right?

There are a number of installers who charge a reasonable price for their installation work. Even better, you are guaranteed that your automated gate will work perfectly after they are done. The trick is in finding a supplier of gate kits that is connected to an automated gate installation company. This way, you can get discounts on the installation.

If you are considering automating your gate and want to try DIY, you should visit Check out the many kits they have for different kinds of gates. The great thing about this company is that aside from providing you with the equipment and instructions needed for DIY work, they also have an installation partner. They can help if you find the DIY installation task too difficult to achieve.

5 advantages of professional lawn care and landscaping…

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Most commercial property managers tend to focus on maintaining the building itself. There are many things to consider when managing and maintaining a building, after all. However, you shouldn’t neglect the surrounding areas of the building. Even commercial properties need a beautiful and well-manicured lawn. Commercial lawn maintenance Perth professionals can help you maintain and even improve the aesthetic appeal of the properties you are managing.

commercial lawn maintenance Perth

Here are some more advantages of hiring professional lawn care and landscape services:


Hiring professional help with all your lawn care needs may seem like an added cost. But by knowing all the benefits they provide, you’ll realise that it’s actually quite cost-effective. For starters, professionals can help you establish a budget and a recurring lawn management plan that can help you save more money in the long run. It also helps that they know what types of trees, foliage, and plants work best in your terrain and climate. The fewer plants and trees that die; the less you’ll need to replace.


A well-maintained commercial property landscape can help decrease possible accidents. For example, dead tree limbs or branches can fall anytime. If a person or a car happens to be passing by under the tree when the dead branch falls, you will be liable for the accident. This is why it’s important to hire trained and experienced commercial lawn maintenance Perth professionals to help with all your landscaping and lawn care needs. Amateur lawn care providers may be cheaper but they cannot assure the safety of their employees and visitors frequenting the establishment.

Additionally, if the trees start to pose as a hazard to everyone, lawn care and maintenance professionals also offer property manager tree removal services.

Professional assistance

If the plants, trees, and grass surrounding the properties you manage start dying, how do you think your clients will respond? Surely, they won’t be too happy with you, as the lawn and landscape of the property is still part of your responsibility as a property manager. Lawn care professionals have all the necessary training, knowledge, equipment, and tools to help you with all your property manager tree maintenance and landscaping needs.

Wide range of services

Professional lawn care services are wide and varied. So whether it’s just simple lawn care for a single property you need or strata tree maintenance, the professionals can help you with it.

Healthier properties

Making sure that a commercial property looks its best all year round is part of your duties as a property manager. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to do the pruning, trimming, and fertilising yourself. This is where commercial lawn maintenance Perth experts come in. They will ensure that the trees are correctly pruned when needed and that landscape gardens are well-maintained and properly mulched.

Concluding Thoughts

Investing in professional lawn care services can help ensure healthier and safer properties. However, do make sure only to hire a trustworthy company like Skyline Landscape Services that has years of experience in the lawn care and landscaping industry. For more details, visit at